Ronnie James Dio is without a doubt one of the most unique and beloved voices in rock music. His untimely passing in 2010 left a void that up until now hasn’t been filled and probably never will be.

Diolegacy has taken on the monumental task of doing Ronnie and his music justice and honor his accomplishments through blistering live performances of his greatest works. Led by Marcos Rodriguez’s voice that lets Ronnie rise before your inner eye with every note, Diolegacy perform all the classic from Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio and Heaven & Hell.
Since 2018 Diolegacy have been working in a new line-up and had the honor to perform on the Ronnie James Dio - Stage at the Masters of Rock Festival to a capacity crowd. 2019 will see them release their first album and bring Ronnie’s music to as many stages across Europe as possible, including Wacken’s Full Metal Cruise.

In the spirit of the man himself - Long live Rock ’n’ Roll